portrait of a young noblewoman 1611 follower of van mierevelt

Portrait of a Young Noblewoman 1611; Follower of Van Mierevelt.



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Oil on panel in reproduction 'cassetta' frame of appropriate type.
Probably a marriage or betrothal portrait, painted in 1611 by a Follower of Van Mierevelt.
Almost certainly Flemish or Dutch, the young aristocrat, wearing the rigid Spanish fashions of the time, is depicted looking distant, aloof and of a subdued high-class distinction.
The young woman, aged 17, wears expensive and fashionably slashed clothing along with a fortune in jewellery to further demonstrate her status.
This portrait would probably have been commissioned to commemorate a dynastic union of great and powerful families, her coat of arms is prominently displayed along with her age, 17, and the date 1611.
At this time Spain controlled a large area known as the Spanish Netherlands, it was a portion of the Low Countries under their rule from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. This region comprised the Netherlands and modern Belgium, Luxembourg as well as part of northern France.
Michiel Jansz. VAN MIEREVELT, Mierveld or Mireveldt (1567 - 1641) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
His portrait style was extremely influential and he painted for most of the European Courts; he was much emulated.
SIZE: 35 x 30.75 inches inc. frame.
PROVENANCE: Cheshire Private Collection.
Internal Ref: 8573B

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